Bubble Guppies Toy Range Review

Just last month I posted about how Fisher Price were bringing out the Bubble Guppies toy range, and just a few days later the lovely people at Mattel got in touch to ask if we

Just last month I posted about how Fisher Price were bringing out the Bubble Guppies toy range, and just a few days later the lovely people at Mattel got in touch to ask if we would like to review them. The answer was a huge yes!


Marky was ecstatic with the toys, but they had a lot to live up to for this little tester. Not only do they have to look good, but they have to perform well too. Bubble Guppies is an absolute favourite program for Marky, and it would be a massive let down if the toys were no good. Mark set about playing with the different toys in the order he wanted, I let him take the lead, and see how he found them…

First up was the vehicles.


We were sent Nonny & Green Streak and Gil &Red Racer, but there is also Molly & Violet Racer available. This is appealing as I am sure every Bubble Guppies fan has their favourite character. As a parent I like that you can buy their favourites individually and not have to shell out on all of them in one go. These are suitable for 18 months plus.


The actual vehicle all have wheels which free roll, but the characters that go inside also have a rollerball on the bottom of them. This means that they can be used separately as well as fitting inside the vehicles, Marky loves that all the characters fit in each part of the toy range, so the characters can all be interchanged between vehicles, and also use the rock n roll stage too.  The vehicles are bright, colourful and robust. They will not break easily and are nice and chunky for little hands to hold and use. They are great for racing, and their helmets are a cute addition. Marky loves being able to use the characters on the floor as well as inside the cars.

Rock & Roll stage. 


This is the most expensive item within the Bubble Guppies range. It is also suitable for age 18months plus. Opening up the box there was a little assembly, but nothing too drastic, and the instructions were self explanatory and it literally took me 2 minutes.  The set does require batteries, 3 x AA, but it could be used without if you needed to (or if musical toys are not your thing!). But the batteries really do give this toy another dimension. It means that the stage lights up, and even better than that you get the Bubble Guppies song playing.


The set comes with a ‘Molly’ figure included and also a microphone and drums.  All of the characters from the vehicles can be used with the set, and Marky loves that they roll down the blue ramps. There is a mirror at the top of the ramps, which is their dressing room and the little star doors open as the characters roll down which is brilliant and adds a really fun element to it. As the characters hit the bottom, the lights and sounds are activated. There is a song from the show played and also some phrases too. This set has not been put away since we got it, it has become one of Marks favourite toys.

Finally, as if that wasn’t enough….there is a soft toy range too!


Bubble Puppy! Yes, even the adorable Bubble Puppy has been made into a cute cuddly toy that your child will adore. Mark loves Bubble Puppy on the program and loves taking him to bed too now! He is completely soft, with no hard bits at all. Oh and Bubble Puppy does of course join in Markys Bubble Guppies games with his other toys too.

The Bubble Guppies toy range had an awful lot to live up to with Marky being such a massive fan of the show, but I think they actually exceeded any expectations I did have. Mark adores them, and I love the roller ball idea, which adds a great fun element to the range, especially as other TV shows prefer to use static rigid characters. I love that the toys have the safety name Fisher Price behind them, whom I trust implicitly, it’s very reassuring. I would totally recommend the range to any parents who have little Bubble Guppies fans, they would not be disappointed with the toy range. 

You can buy the Bubble Guppies toy range from all toy stockists, including Smyths and Amazon. Prices start from £7.99.

We were sent the products mentioned for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts are my own and unbiased. 

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