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I could sit here and write thousands of words on my love for the Stokke Xplory, but I shall try my hardest to condense it down into something readable and hopefully within 1000 words. If

I could sit here and write thousands of words on my love for the Stokke Xplory, but I shall try my hardest to condense it down into something readable and hopefully within 1000 words. If you ever have the pleasure to meet me and baby Emma in real life, you can guarantee my Xplory won’t be far behind…


Since the day baby Emma was born, the Stokke Xplory has been her main mode of transport. I have fallen totally in love with it, and it’s not even just for one reason, there is LOADS of reasons why our love affair is strong.


Firstly I love the looks, it looks different from your standard pushchair. Everywhere I go I get admiring looks, and many comments about the way it looks. ‘Space age’, ‘Funky’, and ‘Totally modern’ are just some of the comments I get frequently. It is like nothing else on the market. It is a head-turning iconic design.

stokke xplory

You could call me fickle (amongst other things) but I get bored of colours on a pushchair easily, I like to have a variety. Luckily for me Stokke sell the fabric packs for the Xplory separately in a range of colours, so I can swap them around when I feel like a change. I love this feature, not only are the fabrics machine washable, but being able to change them to suit my mood or even Emma’s outfit, is just amazing. The range of accessories available for the Stokke Xplory is vast, there is parasols to match every colour of seat fabric, you could even mix and match if that’s your thing.  They sell a variety of blankets too, and I do love a blanket! These are not just a blanket though, they have poppers on them which attach to the handy poppers on the side of the pushchair fabrics, meaning no more dropped blankets. Then there is Winter Kits which have furry handmuffs and fur trim for the hood, and even Summer Kits which have a special shade to protect your child from the sun. You can also choose between two different car seats which both fit directly onto the chassis, the Izi Sleep and the Izi Go (reviews coming for both of those soon!)

Stokke Izi Go Review


As you can tell by the picture, the seat unit sits a lot higher than a standard pushchair. With a simple flick of a clip, you can adjust the height of the seat unit. This means I can have her high when in use, but then when we are out of the house, I can drop the height of it and Emma can join us at the table, no matter what the height. Having the seat unit higher means she is closer to me, this is totally invaluable. When baby Emma was just a tiny newborn it meant she was close to me, and I could see her without bending over, it made me feel reassured to have her within such close proximity. As she has grown it has become great to have her close for interaction, she loves watching my face, she loves the songs I sing her and rewards our interaction with cracking smiles and giggles. I could rant to you all day about parent child interaction and the benefits, but I can sum it up by saying ‘Why wouldn’t you want to interact with your precious child?’. There is no answer. It doesn’t just stop there, the height f the seat unit, even when laid back, also means when strapping her in (and taking her out) I don’t need to bend down, and as someone who has a bad back this is an amazing feature to have.

stokke xplory parent child interaction


I adore how versatile the Xplory is. You can have the seat unit at different heights, and either parent facing or forward facing. You can buy an optional carrycot for newborns, but can also use the main seat unit from birth with the use of the newborn wedge which comes included. It is suitable for use from newborn until toddler. There is a 2 year and 10 month age gap between my youngest two, and they can both use it comfortably. Each part of the Xplory is adjustable. The seat unit reclines fully, it has a rest mode and an active mode. The handlebar height can be adjusted with a flick of one clip, means that even Marky can push it comfortably. The actual handle also adjusts to different positions, meaning my 6 foot 5 hubby can push it comfortably, and me at 5 foot 1 can too, it really is so easy to change the height. I find the handlebar height helpful for storing at home too, I can drop the handlebar height to make the size of the whole pushchair smaller, meaning I don’t have to fold it.


So there you have it, those are my reasons for loving my Xplory, and in less than 1000 words! To summarise….I love the Stokke Xplory, it fits in with our life perfectly. It is well designed, of high quality and performs amazingly, I totally adore it.

You can find out more about the Stokke Xplory online at


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