Why we LOVE LEGOLAND Windsor…

I first went to LEGOLAND Windsor 10 years ago, my son was only three at the time and we had a blast. There was something for everyone, and every year since without fail we have

I first went to LEGOLAND Windsor 10 years ago, my son was only three at the time and we had a blast. There was something for everyone, and every year since without fail we have made a returning journey.

We have put together a video of our favourite moments, and the things we love at LEGOLAND Windsor, have a look and see what you think… (massive thank you to everyone for the love on this YouTube, 06/02/16 it’s sitting at 3530 views and 592 likes!)

I now have four children, and they all LOVE a day out at LEGOLAND Windsor. There is literally so much to see and do. First up is the drive into LEGOLAND, you pass amazing signs made out of LEGO, it’s a real build up before you have even got into the car park. Then once inside you will be wowed by everything. The park is set in beautiful surroundings, with LEGO only adding to that beauty. There is so much to see and do, but the map provided is really handy for getting about the park. The park is wheelchair and pushchair friendly, where there is steps, there is also a ramp provided too, not to mention the Hill Train so you don’t have to struggle up the hill if you can’t/don’t want to.

Inside the park is over 55 rides and attractions, and I am serious when I say there is something for everyone. The thrillseekers will have a blast on the rides, with my sons personal favourite being The Dragon, a fast paced rollercoaster. For small people then DUPLO Valley is home to vast play areas (Brickville) and lots of rides and attractions that they can go on, such as the DUPLO Train. There is even a DUPLO Valley Theatre where you can watch a show. Not forgetting the Splash Safari and Drench Towers, which is full of water fun if it’s a sunny day.

legoland duplo valley fun

For the people who don’t like rides so much, there is MINILAND, which is home to the most amazing scenes. Everything is made out of LEGO, with places such as Buckingham Palace, London Eye and even other countries too, every time you visit you are sure to see something new!


For the LEGO Friends lovers, there is a whole town dedicated to you, with an amazing show (LEGO Friends to the rescue) you can watch at Coastguard HQ. Pop into Olivias House and you will find loads to do, including amazing models, a shop and interactive activities.


What does every parent worry about when they go to such places? For me it’s toilets and refreshments. Well fear not, as there is plenty of toilets available around the resort, and they are all serviced regularly so are always clean and have toilet paper. There is kiosks for drinks and snacks, so you are never far away from refreshment. For meal times, there is vast picnic space if you want to take your own, or there is an abundance of eateries, including an ‘all you can eat’ at City Walk Pizza & Pasta. There is ‘Knights Table Rotisserie’ which serves up a range of rotisserie treats for all the family, this is our personal favourite. Then there is other smaller places you can get something too, Mexican, baguettes, steak sandwiches, hot dogs and fried chicken….there really is something for everyone. I am sure if you visit you will have a great day out.

You can see for yourself what LEGOLAND Windsor has to offer, just visit the website: www.legoland.co.uk

22 thoughts on “Why we LOVE LEGOLAND Windsor…

  1. It looks like a great day out for all the family, we really must make the trip this year as I am sure the kids would love it!

  2. Love your post, it’s great to hear that even small people can have fun, theme parks always seem to be about older children, it’s definitely somewhere I shall consider this year for our twins!

    1. Honestly it is such a fab day out, you could easily spend two days there and not get bored…the hotel is also amazing if you do travel down…even lego brick chips to eat!

  3. I’ve been to Legoland Windsor when I was a kid – almost 20 years ago! Living up in the Lake District, it’s not really in our ‘day out’ zone. But, I know O would love to go as he’s really starting to take an interest in Lego. His daddy buys sets disguised as gifts for O, but it’s really so that he can complete them – so I’m sure he’d love to go too! Maybe sometime after baby is born 🙂 x

  4. Aww this brilliant we haven’t had the chance to go yet but its definitly high on our to do list and even more so after reading this post 🙂
    #commenter 8 🙂

  5. I’ve only been once with N and we had a great time. Although it was an inset day (big mistake, we didn’t realise and it was packed – I don’t think Legoland had realised), none of the kiosks were open, and the cafe was out of food by 12.30, so we struggled in findinh somewhere to eat. But definitely worth going to

  6. Great review. I haven’t been since eva was about 2. We loved it then. I’m sure she would love it even more now. You’re right it’s set in beautiful surroundings x

  7. Oh man I’ve wanted to go to Lego Land for ages and reading this post has made me want to go even more. I’m thinking we could make a weekend of it. I love that you have covered toilets and restaurants in your review. These are so the things I want to know about as part of planning a day out.

  8. I’ve never been! It looks fab and I remember growing up in the south my friends all having those medal where they’d been ‘digging for gold’ or something, I’ll definitely need to take Taylor one day! x

  9. It looks so, so lovely. I have never been and it has always been on my list of places to go!! It looks so, so cute! I especially love the look of heartlake city! x

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