Chad Valley Play Panel – £75 Argos Giftcard Giveaway!

Just a few months ago, we gave away one £75 Argos giftcard, and now if the time to give away another! I am sure you are familiar with Chad Valley, a brand that is now

Just a few months ago, we gave away one £75 Argos giftcard, and now if the time to give away another! I am sure you are familiar with Chad Valley, a brand that is now exclusive to Argos. It is a huge range, filled with products for all ages, from babies to toddlers, to children and even beyond, you are sure to find something to suit. We reviewed some great DesignaFriend dolls and accessories, and also Pipsi Interactive Horse. Chad Valley just seem to know exactly what makes kids happy. Which is why I loved seeing this, Chad Valley got children to design their dream house!

Chad Valley, the much-loved toy brand exclusively available at Argos, has harnessed the creativity and imagination of children across the country to design their dream home – or Dream Play Pad – a place packed full of fun features to entertain kids both big and small.

What better place to be when designing the Dream Play Pad and home of the future than inside a kid’s headspace? Their imaginative thinking is unparalleled and they can conjure up the most amazing creations and visions in moments.

When 1,004 children aged 5-11 were asked what their dream home would look like, a traditional castle came out on top (26 per cent). The Pad’s top features include a swimming pool (40 per cent), cinema (32 per cent), ice cream maker (31 per cent), trampoline (28 per cent), a bouncy castle (25 per cent) and even a slide to whizz inhabitants downstairs (24 per cent).

The home would also feature its own tree house (22 per cent) and a secret passageway (21 per cent). Proving entertainment is a must for playful kids, a fifth of kids added a football pitch, while 17 per cent wanted a disco and 15 per cent a bowling alley. Snack time also ranked highly, with 16 per cent asking for their Dream Play Pad to feature a popcorn maker, while eight per cent chose a vending machine. A bedroom ball-pit also made the wish-list for seven per cent of kids.


And while the house was designed by kids’ imaginations, there’s no doubt many of their parents would secretly love their actual home to include some of these features too.

Andrea Derrick, Chad Valley head of play said: “The results from the children really does echo the essence of the Chad Valley brand; imagination, creativity and a lot of fun. And the result is a fantastically creative Dream Play Pad that I have no doubt would be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.  The toys across our range offer all kinds of role play opportunities for kids to get to grips with and have a lot of fun – but in their current play pads!”

Andrew Russell from Strutt & Parker’s National Country House Department, said: “Depending on the size, grounds and location of this castle its value could be in the region of £30m if it had ten bedrooms and was in the Home Counties. Interestingly, many of the top features that children would like to see in their dream home are features that adults want in real life. Whilst not everyone can have a castle, more and more houses being built include swimming pools, cinema rooms, built in trampolines and tree houses. I have seen a number of houses with vast entertainment areas including discos, bowling alleys and even car museums, where parked cars revolve on rotating floor plates. Recently I even saw a house that has a real life slide, which is used to whizz inhabitants downstairs. I am yet to see a built in ball pool but how fun would that be?!”

With over 400 products across the Chad Valley range there’s plenty of play inspiration to be found. Just take a trip over to to see what’s on offer.

Now my house seems completely boring in comparison!

So how can you win the £75 Argos Gift Card I hear you shout, well it’s simple, just fill out the Gleam widget below, follow the steps and your name might just be randomly selected after closing. Good Luck!

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308 thoughts on “Chad Valley Play Panel – £75 Argos Giftcard Giveaway!

  1. I would have a luxurious bathroom with tiles on the floor & walls a shower with a glass panel plus laminated wood flooring trough out 🙂 x

  2. I know its boring but I would have an extra bedroom its tough giving up your bedroom for the kids and sleeping in the livingroom

  3. My dream house would have a huge sunny garden and a big airy crafting room, plus a games room and a private skating rink.

  4. A laundry shute in every bedroom, a proper walk-in pantry, a walk-in wardrobe, full height windows with automatic blinds, ground source heat pump, enough solar panels to power the Blackpool lights, lap pool, boiling water tap in the kitchen. I like dreaming about my ideal house.

  5. A meditation room so I could go in for peace and relaxation whenever I needed to. Wishing you a happy new year.

  6. I would want a secret room for doing all my crafting. You would have to find the secret door behind a bookcase to get in.

  7. My dream house would include an indoor swimming pool with retractable roof and sides so it is an outdoor pool in summer 🙂

  8. I would add a soft play area for my kiddies 🙂 they have so much energy – it would be great to have a soft play at home to tire them out on rainy days 🙂

  9. I’d add an extra bedroom so my two daughters have their own room. A 16 and 11 year old don’t gel well he he xx

  10. A spa would be great. Lovely prize! ? Thank you, Please count me in I would be delighted to win! Liked & shared x

  11. It would have to be a tree house! I always wanted one as a child and now both of my children long for one!

  12. id add a big giant dog house so i could keep all the dogs from the animal shelter and give them a home xx

  13. I would have a combination swimming pool slash movie room. There would be a full length heated pool with all of the surrounding walls as screens and numerous jacuzzis posted around the room from which you can watch a movie, once you have had a swim, of course!

  14. Definitely a hot tub and swimming pool /hydrotherapy pool .. this would be awesome for my Fibromyalgia !!

  15. A hot tub outside on the decking! I’m not sure the neighbours would appreciate the view but the thought of relaxing in those steamy hot bubbles is too good to resist! 🙂

  16. A chip and putting green in my garden…in between the heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi and huge fountain….within close proximity to the private fairground and safari park and car collection

  17. a huge kitchen! i know that might not seem as wow as some answers but id love a huge kitchen with a log burner and huge island with the flash taps and all the amazing gadgets

  18. definitely a hot tub or better a pool so that I can sooth my aching bones and enjoy a non weight bearing excersise without having to share the local tub with others.

  19. A massive dressing room full of huge wardrobes and shoe racks and jewellery boxes and eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!!!!! All that!!!

  20. A swimming pool and jacuzzi – then I would have no excuse not to use it and my son loves swimming too

  21. I like the sound of the slide to take you downstairs other than that would love to have a mini zoo (big kid at heart lol)

  22. it would have to be an amazing view of the sea, while a pool would be a fabulous luxury, to sit and enjoy a magnificent view is top of my house want list

  23. I would add a big slide to my dream home, so if I needed a drink in the middle of the night I could just slide down instead of having to traipse down the stairs half asleep! 🙂 x

  24. A play room for the kids with climbing frames and ball pits and slides haha 🙂 well maybe abit for me too haha 🙂

  25. Tom Hardy lol? Seriously would love a house with land and stables so I could have my own horse again. Thanks for the chance. Failing that a dishwasher would be a great idea.

  26. An adult sized slide to get downstairs (lazy but fun!) and a swimming pool. Love swimming but nearest pool is miles away! Great competition, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  27. In my dream house I would love to have one of those fairy’s that follow children (and partners) around tidying things away behind them. A secret room with a secret door for some ‘me time’ would be good to.

  28. I would love to be able to just click my fingers and all the dishes get put away and the clothing gets folded and put away – be like mary poppins, click of the fingers does it all

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