My Top Tips For Making Bathtime Fun!

My little Emma is now two whole years old, and it’s no secret that she has her own determined little opinions, that she is happy to scream and shout about. She is head strong, and

My little Emma is now two whole years old, and it’s no secret that she has her own determined little opinions, that she is happy to scream and shout about. She is head strong, and if she doesn’t want to do something, she will make sure she doesn’t do it. So what do you do when your toddler screams at the word bath being mentioned? Well it’s taken me 13 years and four children, and although every child is different, there is certainly some tips that  I can share that might help you if you are going through similar.

My Top Tips for Bathtime Fun:

Make sure it’s warm enough. Sounds simple? I have always been a firm user of the old fashioned ‘elbow test’, but actually since purchasing a thermometer, I realised it is way colder than it should be! We have the ‘Safety Duck’, which has ‘White Hot Technology’ on the bottom, meaning when the water is too hot, the word ‘HOT’ is shown underneath him. He is an awesome duck, with no little hole for water to get into, so no mouldy water inside, winner!


Make your child feel safe. Emma has slipped a fair few times in the bath, and I truly think that she has scared herself doing so, but Grippy Dots (£7.99) are awesome at keeping her where she wants to be, she also loves sticking them to the side of the bath too! There is ‘white hot technology’ included too, so when the water is too hot, it shows the words ‘HOT’.

Mix it up a little. Let them play with something different in the bath. Pop to the shops, and maybe let them pick out a special ‘Bath time toy’, so they can feel like they have made a decision and choice, let them touch the water before they get in, and don’t be afraid to let them try out things that maybe you wouldn’t consider bath toys. I sometimes get the balls from the ballpool in there, it’s something new and exciting. Sometimes we even use building bricks, as they’re waterproof, but lots of fun.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in. Get in the bath with your child, let them see that it doesn’t matter about being wet, let them pour water over your head. Let them wash your hands, and take it in turns. Emma loves pouring water over my head, and although she isn’t too keen on me doing the same, it makes a game out of washing her hair!

Munchkin UK have a massive range of toys and accessories for making bathtime fun, which can be found not only online at but also in all good supermarkets, on Amazon and in Boots. There really is something for everyone, from boats to mermaids, cupcakes to tea set…and storage too!

My personal fave is the 2 Swimming Bath Bugs, these are awesome, you pull the tail and the wings then spin, which means they swim around the bath. It is great fun having races, and also chasing Emma around the bath too. It means she gets a good clean, while having fun.



Thank you to Munchkin  UK for sending me a selection of bath toys, which inspired me to write this. This is all my own thoughts, remember to take extra care with children when around water, and never leave them unsupervised, even for a second. 

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  1. I love these fun bath time tips! I also love the fact that you mention making your child feel safe as one of the tips. Slip and falls are not only scary for children, they can scare a parent as well. Slipping in the bath, or even once out and on the now wet floor, can present a number of serious risks. Injuries requiring medical attention can result which is something all parents hope to avoid. In addition to making your bath slip proof, I recommend all parents become trained in basic First Aid and CPR so that they can handle an y emergency that presents itself. Safety should always be a priority, though it is okay to have fun too!

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