Introducing BOB Revolution SE – Getting parents active!

Since having baby Emma  6 months ago, it has been on my mind that I do need to be more active. Throughout my pregnancy I suffered with HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum), which meant I was housebound

Since having baby Emma  6 months ago, it has been on my mind that I do need to be more active. Throughout my pregnancy I suffered with HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum), which meant I was housebound for the majority of my pregnancy. Because of this I have piled on a few extra pounds. Now with my new found energy I am ready to burn off that excess and get out into the fresh air.
If you are not familiar already with my blog, then you won’t know that last year I moved to the scenic Cotswolds. It was a big move, I went from a busy town in Essex to fields and animals, the children absolutely love it, and the chance to spend good quality time together roaming the countryside is one dream that can finally come true.

When BOB sent us the brand new Revolution SE, they explained why it would be perfect for us. BOB have been working with a personal trainer, Laura Williams, to develop some top tips and video content that will help women get in shape pre birth, post natal and then for 9 months after your baby is born. They have a new site which has all the information and lots more, it is well worth a look:

This video is really helpful, as a mum to a baby I am literally hanging onto her every word to help get my figure back!

But before you panic you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of fitness clothes and sign up to a gym membership you will probably not use, these words helped me to realise it’s not a drastic change, it’s just incorporating some little extras into your existing daily routine.

You don’t need to commit to a drastic exercise regime that requires hours at the gym in order to see results – including small amounts of exercise into your daily routine will burn more calories than you realise and really boost energy levels. Spread it out over the course of the day: commit to an early morning brisk walk then throw in a few strengthening exercises while you’re out. 

  • The walking workout. Did you know you can actually use your daily walk to replace a time-consuming exercise class or gym session? First, check posture: relax shoulders, standing tall and pull in the lower part of tum (see above). Make sure you walk with nice long strides and try gently squeezing buttock muscles so all the muscles of the lower body are firing up as you walk. Maximise the fitness benefits by varying speed and try and include hills if you can.  The stroller power walk is great: alternate walking as fast as you can for 30 seconds and then stroll slowly for 30 seconds.  Incorporate 5 minutes of these intervals into your daily walk.

So what does the BOB stroller look like, and how can it help?

Well it came boxed…

bob revolutionbox

and was easy to assemble, you simply attach the rear wheels (which are easily removable any time, will be great for removing after muddy walks) and pop the front wheel on.

bob se boxed

The front wheels has a quick release mechanism, similar to the ones you get on bicycles, which means you can put it on and off in literally seconds!

bob se front wheels

As you can see, the wheels are all terrain, good sized tyres, in fact my husband thought I had bought a bicycle when he saw the wheels…

bob se wheels

But he was even more impressed when he saw what they were really for…

bob revolution se review open

With shock absorbers, a good sized basket, all terrain wheels, a wrist strap as standard, to name but a few of the features, this is an absolute beast! I shall be updating you all soon on a full review with full specifications which I know will wow you.

I couldn’t wait to get out and about, and the first task for the BOB Revolution SE was the fields, after all one of my favourite motto’s is ‘Go hard or go home’….

bob revolution se review

BOB, as he affectionately refereed to in our house now, glided over the rough ground and grass like no other pushchair I have ever tried through the fields. I can push it one handed and nothing is a struggle for it! My 10 year old can push it easily too and the icing on the cake…

Emma loves it too!

I shall be updating you again soon with more details of my BOB adventures, and even more offroading to come!

You can find this, and other BOB strollers online at

 We have been sent the BOB Revoultion SE for the purpose of this post, all thoughts are my own and 100% honest, for more information please visit my disclosure page. 

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