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So what is the ultimate Christmas gift for toddlers this Christmas? Yes I know you are probably thinking a cardboard box, but what about something that they can use all year round and really get

So what is the ultimate Christmas gift for toddlers this Christmas? Yes I know you are probably thinking a cardboard box, but what about something that they can use all year round and really get the value out of? Look no further than a Mini Micro Scooter!

Suitable from 12 months with the addition of a Mini Micro Seat and O Bar, it’s a scooter that will grow with your child.

Marky is 3 in Feburary, but I was curious about the line of Micro Scooters lined up outside playschool. Are they really that good that every child needs one? When our Mini Micro Scooter arrived, I opened the box expecting some major assembly. Instead I was faced with 2 pieces, the wheeled base and the handlebar. You simply slot it in, and you are away! No assembly of wheels or anything, which is reassuring as a parent as I am not the best at assembly and the thought of my child wheeling himself down the street on a scooter in which I put the wheels on is pretty horrendous!

So with my Marks assembled Special Edition Union Jack scooter ready to go, Marky was keen to jump on!

So what makes these stand out from your cheaper version from a high street shop? Well, lots!

Firstly the quality, The very best in Swiss design quality and innovation are the hallmarks for all products created by Micro Mobility Systems. You can feel the quality of the scooter, I am not worried one bit about a wheel falling off, or anything breaking. It is sturdy and strong.

Secondly, it has a special steering system makes it easy for little ones to steer. To steer around corners, obstructions etc, all your child needs to do is lean. This then makes the wheels lean and steer…

Then there is the benefit of getting your child out and about, and active! Children need exercise, and even if they have never been on a scooter before (like Mark), with the foot plate being so low to the floor, they can easily jump on and get the hang of it. Using a scooter ENHANCES THE MOVEMENT, MOTOR FUNCTION AND COORDINATION OF CHILDREN (as quoted from the official website). There is no doubting that Marky scooting along wears him out, and bedtimes have been a breeze!

It is no surprise to me that Micro Scooters boast many awards for their scooters, the quality of the products are amazing. The attention to details is pretty special and I have absolute confidence in letting my precious child on any of their products.

You can check out the whole website at www.micro-scooters.co.uk where you will find this to buy, along with many funky scooter accessories too!


We were sent a Mini Micro Scooter for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are our own. 

6 thoughts on “Micro Scooters – Mini Micro Scooter Review

  1. i’m debating whether to get one of these. my sons dad got him a rather cheaper looking one and it has one wheel at the front and two at the back, making him have to step quite widely out to make it go. two wheels at the font looks a bit more suitable for small legs.

    i like your description of the wheels and turning too. maybe i’ll get one if he gets some christmas money.

  2. All my sons friends take their micro scooters to school. Is there anyway to put my son’s name on his so it won’t embarrass him but will be fairly easily seen? (I’ve never forgiven my mother for putting my name in indelible marker all over my bike.)

  3. We now have 5 micro scooters in the family for both kids and adults. Weekends, we all go over to the park together. The scooter have proved durable and safe – a wonderful investment!

  4. The additional stability of the three wheel design of a micro scooter makes it safe and easy for the toddler to master right away.

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