Baby Annabell by Zapf Creation Review

When Baby Annabell landed on our doorstep I knew my 8 year old would be keen to play, after all she has an older version of Baby Annabell who has been loved for many years.

When Baby Annabell landed on our doorstep I knew my 8 year old would be keen to play, after all she has an older version of Baby Annabell who has been loved for many years. What I was not expecting was that my 2 year old son would be even keener and not take Baby Annabell out of his sight for over a week…

Baby Annabell is back this year with even more features, and is more life like than ever before.

Just like a real baby with realistic baby sounds and cute facial expressions, Baby Annabell® will keep little ones entertained for hours on end.  Most of the time Baby Annabell® is happy, but from time to time she will cry real tears.  If little mummies gently stroke her forehead or sing her a song to calm her down she will react with a contented sigh or giggle.

When Baby Annabell® drinks from her bottle or sucks on her dummy, her eyes will open and close and after drinking she will burp.  If you lay Baby Annabell® down she will feel sleepy and will yawn, to get her to fall asleep sing her a lullaby.

The ‘life-like’ interaction encouraged by Baby Annabell® makes her an instant hit with little girls everywhere, who will have no problem bonding with the gorgeous doll.

Opening up the box, Baby Annabell comes fully equipped with romper suit, hat, dummy attached to blanket and a sheep shaped baby bottle that you fill with water to feed Baby Annabell. Baby Annabell is 18 inches long and is suitable for 2 years plus.

Batteries do not come included with Baby Annabell, so make sure if it’s a Christmas present you buy some batteries before hand so they can play straight away (requires 4 x AA). There is plenty of play with Baby Annabell without batteries though, and my two year old got attached before we had put batteries inside, you should of seen his face when we did and Baby Annabell came to life!

The bottle that comes included with Baby Annabell is easily filled with water, and you can then ‘feed’ Baby Annabell, her mouth even moves as she does. She makes sucking noises and even burps after you have finished feeding her too, very lifelike! When Baby Annabell gets upset, the water that you have fed her, comes out as tears! You can sooth her by stroking her face and cradling her, just like a real baby. For those who are worried about Baby Annabell crying in the middle of the night, I am pleased to say there is an off button located underneath her velcro fastening clothes *mummy tip*

baby annabell 2012

My 8 year old is besotted with Baby Annabell, she has been welcomed into her existing doll family, and she has already put more Baby Annabell accessories (large range available to buy separately)  on her Christmas list. My 2 year old is also rather besotted and I am sure it will help us both when my real baby is born in 6 weeks, he can feed his baby while I feed mine. It will be great for him to feel helpful, and hopefully kerb any potential jealousy!

Baby Annabell is set to be a must have item on many Christmas lists this year, and I honestly have nothing but good things to say about Baby Annabell, she will be a hit for girls (and boys!) all over this year!

Baby Annabell is available from all good toy stockists, both online and instore and has a RRP of £44.99.


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