TP Toys Bubble Bouncer Review

I was super excited when I heard that Baby Mark would be testing out the new TP Bubble Bouncer. The TP Bubble bouncer is a trampoline suitable for children aged 12 months right up to

I was super excited when I heard that Baby Mark would be testing out the new TP Bubble Bouncer. The TP Bubble bouncer is a trampoline suitable for children aged 12 months right up to a child weighing 20kg. As a mum to 3 excitable kiddies, I am always on the look out for something new.

We have had other small trampolines when Jordan and Brooke were younger, but my issue was always that they were so high up, ok so a foot high may not sound a lot, but when you have an a child with no fear, a foot is a lot for them to fall from! So imagine my delight when I received the Bubble Bouncer and found out it was only a few inches tall!

We opened the box expecting to have to get into full self assembly mode, but was pleasantly surprised to see I had nothing to do. I simply clicked the handle on and it was ready to bounce!

The Bubble Bouncer is perfect for indoor use, it has special protecting feet on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch the all important flooring but also so that it doesn’t jump around the room when your child really gets going. Of course, you can take the Bubble Bouncer outside, Marky has with his many times, but I find this a great active toy for indoors on those rainy days to wear him out when the weather is just not on our side.

It’s a great activity to help aid babies balance, strength and co-ordination. Marky can easily jump on himself and bounce away. It has defiantly helped him get more stable on his feet for sure. It helps the muscles in his legs and arms, I am very envious of those perfectly toned legs, if only TP made an adult sized one 😉

Having a busy house with 3 children ( 4 if you count the hubby!) , space is an issue for storing everything, particularly big and bulky toys, but I was happy to learn this stores flat, all you do is press a button on the front and the handle collapses and sits flat with the trampoline. Great for squeezing in my bulging under the stairs cupboard!

Finally, the quality is fantastic, its not like the cheap toddler trampolines that have a plastic jumping bit, this is made form strong woven material and is completely destruction proof. The plastic frame may be only plastic where as others may be metal, but my destructive 8 year old autistic son hasn’t managed to break it, so I can pretty much guarantee no toddler would be able to!

So my final thoughts on the TP toys Bubble Bouncer, it’s a great buy, especially for a scaredy cat mother who is worried about their toddler falling off a ‘big boys’ trampoline! This is great for your toddler to use inside on the rainy days to help keep them active. It is fantastic quality and looks lovely and take up hardly any space while in use and when not in use, a great buy!

You can buy a TP toys Bubble at  ELC for £39.99—Exclusive-to-ELC/128579,default,pd.html#pdpTab1 or at Amazon by clicking the icon below.

I was not paid for this review. The product was sent to us back in 2011 to provide feedback to TP Toys.

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    1. Nope, but my son is quite tall. I found the actual material of the trampoline isn’t as bouncy as a standard trampoline, so there isn’t that much ‘give’ in the fabric, so if he was to slip, he wouldn’t actually go very far. Hope that makes sense?

  1. We too are a huge fan of TP products and agree that the Bubble Bouncer is of excellent quality.It’s nice that the toddlers can finally have something to bounce on in-doors.

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