>Skeanie Classic Loafers Review

> Our little ones are the most precious thing in the world, and we do everything we can to protect them, and that includes their feet!As a mum to three I have spent thousands of


Our little ones are the most precious thing in the world, and we do everything we can to protect them, and that includes their feet!
As a mum to three I have spent thousands of pounds on top quality childrens shoes over the my 9 years of parenting, so you can imagine my surprise when I started to realise that my youngest little gem’s feet were really flat. In fact his ankles even started overturning the inside of his foot.

A trip to the doctors and Mark was diagnoised as having ‘Flat Feet’. As Mark is so young, they have referred him to a Podiatrist for further investigation and for the fitting of inserts in his shoes.
I then faced the challenge of finding Marky shoes that fit and are comfortable for him, and trust me, that is a challenge! Marky has rather large feet for his age, he measures up at a 7.5 at just 20 months old, but you only need to look at his 6 foot 5 dad to see why.
Mark also hates shoes with a hard inside, as where his ankle turns over, it puts pressure on his ankle, causing him pain. So I started researching the type of shoes I should be buying for Mark, and after searching through loads of different evidence, I found out that bare feet are best. That’s great, but not very pratical for winter! So the next best thing is a flexible, breathable soft leather shoe, that is as light as possible…

My researching found….

Skeanie was created by an Australian mum who couldnt find high quality soft leather shoes, so after 2 years of research and design she launched Skeanie Shoes 4 Kids.

SKEANIE is a PREFERRED PROVIDER of the AUSTRALIAN PODIATRY ASSOCIATION (NSW). Podiatrists and Pediatricians recommend soft soled shoes for your baby and toddler.

Skeanie have an amazing range of shoes available, not just for walking children, but pre-walkers too!

The Infant Range Soft Soled Baby Shoes are made of a soft, high quality genuine leather upper to allow your baby’s tiny feet to breathe and grow naturally. The suede sole will provide superior grip whilst crawling or walking.

The Junior Range Rubber Soled Shoes have been designed for walkers. The footwear in our Junior range feature our innovative flexible rubber sole.

I contacted the fabulous team at Skeanie who explained more about why Skeanie was such a great option for Mark. All Skeanie shoes have lightweight rubber soles, soft breathable eco-leather and extra wiggle room for toes. With all this in mind, I fell in love straight away with the Classic Loafer!

Another bonus about the Skeanie Loafer is that they have a unique Flex-Ease. I wasn’t really sure what this meant until I recieved them. Here is the picture which explains it better than I could manage in words.

It allows little ones feet to move as naturally as possible.Marky tried his Loafers on, and people have been commenting since on how cute they are!

The quality of the loafers is amazing, they are top quality. The super soft leather is just as it says, but I didn’t realise just how soft until I touched them. The stitching is gorgeous and perfect and you can tell instantly that these shoes have had a lot of loved poured into them. With a price tage of £34.99, that’s cheaper than the top high street shops!

Skeanie soles are really flexible, yet very grippy. Meaning Markys feet can move yet get the essential grip.

Skeanie have done an amazing job on the range, they have a vast selection of styles and designs, and I am in no doubt there is something for everyone at Skeanie! Skeanie have even created Skirtles! A gorgeous leggings and skirt combination for girls, you can read a real mums review of them here at Hart of the Munchkin Patch.

You can find Skeanie and their fabulous shoe range online at www.skeanie.co.uk and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/SkeanieEurope